1. Post a selfie on Tumblr with no notes, ugh, I’m so ugly.


  2. I get tired these days of trying to be a better person, trying to come out to look for work in hopes I can pay for my own expenses, although it’s an excuse for me just so I can be busy and quit study one day, but also, is to get over some social issues. Is it because of the place I’m in, the people around me, or is it because it’s my character? I try to ask myself now and then, why is it so hard for me to trust someone? Is it because they are not worth trusting, or do I just not trust people easily? I find it super hilarious when people come complaining to me about things I didn’t do, but they never look at themselves on things like what they never done, and being a hypocrite and make noise. I’m just tired, and I just wish I can leave, once and for all.

  3. Dear boyfriend Jared Ow, I love you, its sad to know you’re already on flight to Australia already. I will do my best to keep this long distance relationship going because I love you very much. Although I know you for only shortly thrre months, but it has been the best three months in my life. I don’t regret anything, I’m happy that elicia came up to you for your number, there’s where it all started. I know you are new to this, but we all can learn and keep this relationship going. I love you, very very much. Be safe in Australia and good luck in studying and have fun in the mean time also. ♥


  5. Apparently, I’m currently trying my be to hit on this dude whom I find cute that works in Starbucks near my school.

    It all happen when my parents are out of town and I has no one to dine in with me for lunch so I asked my bestfriend, Michelle out to accompany me for lunch. She brought me to this place near her campus for Japanese. I didn’t expect much, but the food there was super delicious. After the meal and we were both rushing to head home from unexpected date/lunch, we pass through a Starbucks which has a banner promoting their latest drink, the Peppermint Mocha Frappucino. I was so tempted by it ‘cause I’m in love with mint and coffee, but I was running out of time due to the time given to spend together as I need to rush home to fix myself for the party at night, we didn’t happen to get any of it from that particular branch.

    After rushing back home from lunch and prepared myself up for the party tonight, I send my maid home and decided to try out the newly launched drink from Starbucks. There’s when all the drama started. As an ex-“honor student”, I used my calculation so that I don’t waste any of the fuel I just filled in the afternoon and decided to head to the other branch, which is nearer to my destination and get that drink of mine with Michelle.

    When I was at that branch, the first thing that triggers my excitement, wasn’t that drink, but it was the barista standing at the counter waiting to take my order. He has that charming smile and stands about 5’9”. I was so happy when I see his cute face, and I told Michelle that he is super cute and she agrees with me. The best thing is not about the drink, but is the conversation we had after the order talking about the Starbucks diary and the new Starbucks card. He makes the drink taste so much better and he also has a friend there too, who appeared to look straight from the top to bottom, so I didn’t give a second look at him after judging him by his physical appearance.

    I spent hours there, peeking and enjoyed being mesmerized by his cuteness, but I know I gotta leave for the party, which kinda spoil the atmosphere. So I left that place and head on to the party. Before I left that place, I looked at his name tag and saw his name, and though of searching him up through another barista who is  my senior in high school, but I couldn’t find any so I played with my luck and searched it by his English name, and bingo! I got to view his profile on Facebook and literally, stalked him like a pervert on the internet. It appears that we have few mutual friend, who are my bestfriend’s boyfriend and my high-schoolmate who is his junior in College. It was so much fun that I have an Adrenaline rush that makes me goes like “I MUST GO BACK LATER!” and I really did. I went with another bunch of friends after party to just get to know him better, or in another saying, stalk him. 

    The after party was great where I got myself an Iced Americano, which contains high content of caffeine, but helps me sleeps better, which I have no idea why. I gave a task to my friend to ask him about his working schedule and a little bit of his personal life. This is what I found out, he has graduated, and is a year older than me, and he is currently working for a designing company, and the best of the best is not getting to know him, but is to get his number! I showed my poker face by not caring much, but deep in my heart, I’m screaming out loud telling the whole world that my first mission has completed! Moreover, the other shocking part is that, the friend of his who looks straight and I thought he is straight, has a boyfriend who was spending time with the baristas inside when he drop by. All of us get the shocked of our lives because he don’t look gay at all but he turns out to be one, which means, I can hit on him, but too bad that he is already in a relationship and I would never want to break them apart. 

    If it wasn’t Michelle who brought me to have Japanese, I wouldn’t have knew there’s a new drink. If it weren’t that new drink they have, I wouldn’t want to head to Starbucks for it. And if it weren’t Starbucks, I wouldn’t have seen this cutie and have a massive love on first sight with him, not really love but more like an infatuation over him. Everything happened like it was planned, but who knows such coincident will be such great stuff and make my day so much better. Who would have ever expected? No one! 

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